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Hollywood Insider to Freelance Entertainer

Elizabeth Dreyfuss’s remarkable journey in showbiz Meet the Artist: Elizabeth Dreyfuss Actress, singer and dancer Elizabeth Dreyfuss was born into a four-generation show business family. Her parents were both in the film industry — her father Eric was a studio makeup artist who once did makeup for classic actor Alec

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To Vogue or Not to Vogue

Oregon’s fashion scene is thriving, with homegrown talents like Diane Peralta, Jenny, and Lillian Chen making waves at the China US Fashion Week. From Nike and Columbia to indie designers, the Pacific Northwest is a hub of style and creativity. Even American fashion icons like Nicole Miller are taking notice, proving that Oregon’s fashion prowess extends far beyond the Eiffel Tower.

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Legacy of the Land

Merrywood Farm in Oregon City has been a family-owned Christmas tree farm for over 100 years. The Keyser family has kept the land in the family, with the current generation continuing the tradition of providing a magical holiday experience for visitors.

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People giving manicures at Max Nails

Nail Nirvana

Max Nails and Max TL Nails offer a haven of luxury and quality in Lake Oswego, providing exceptional nail care services tailored to diverse preferences. With a commitment to hygiene, innovation, and exceptional customer service, they create a welcoming atmosphere for clients to indulge in the latest nail trends and treatments.

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A group of African people dance

Soulful Sojourns In Philanthropic Travel

Enriching travel experiences can create positive impact beyond donations. From supporting youth programs in Cape Town to eco-tourism in Namibia, this journey showcased the power of responsible tourism to uplift local communities and protect the environment.

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New Installs to Small Repairs

Tired of that worn-out, dated garage door? Oregon City Garage Door, a family-owned business, offers expert installation, repair, and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in the Greater Portland-Metro Area and SW Washington. With a focus on customer service and fast turnaround, they ensure your garage door operates smoothly and efficiently.

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Fatherly Films

Fatherly Bonds on the Silver Screen: A Review of Heartwarming Films
Explore the endearing relationships between fathers and their children in this captivating movie review. From the hilarious antics of “Mrs. Doubtfire” to the heartwarming journey of “A Goofy Movie,” and the inspiring tale of “The Pursuit of Happyness,” these films showcase the unbreakable bonds that transcend all obstacles. Witness the power of paternal love, the challenges of parenthood, and the unwavering determination to provide for one’s family. Prepare to be moved, entertained, and reminded of the profound impact a father can have on his child’s life.

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Father’s Day is a cherished holiday celebrated around the world, honoring the invaluable role of fathers and father figures. Originating in the early 20th century in the United States, the holiday’s establishment is often credited to Sonora Smart Dodd, who sought to recognize her own father’s selfless service during the Civil War. Over the decades, Father’s Day has evolved, reflecting shifting societal views on fatherhood, from paternal authority to increased involvement and nurturing.

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